Risk Silver’s in Sochi

Brady Risk got a chance to represent the AJHL in Sochi, Russia for the Junior Club World Cup, coming home with a silver medal and a collection of life-long memories.

It all started rather unceremoniously, however.

“I was at a gas station getting milk and I got a phone call and it was probably one of the best phone calls I’ve ever got,” Risk reveals.

Brady Risk. (BTBW Media)

Getting prepared for Russia meant being ready on the ice, and off it as well. Traveling to a different country and experiencing a different culture was something Risk, and the rest of Team AJHL, had to be prepared for.

“Obviously you’re in a different country, you’re not in Canada… you’re in Russia,” explains Risk. “There’s guidelines as to how you have to act in public because you’re not just representing yourself anymore, you’re representing your country, your club team, your family.”

It was evident from the moment they touched down, that there would be a steady media presence following the team, which Risk alluded to, saying he revelled in the experience to practice that side of hockey.

“We were prepared to act very professional, there was media with us all the time, there was always somebody watching,” explains Risk. “It’s a good stepping stone if you want to play professional hockey or college, so it was great to experience that side of things.”

Risk currently has (2G, 3A, 5 Pts.) in his first five games to start 2019-2020. He is committed to University of Alaska Fairbanks (NCAA) next season.

(Feature image courtesy of www.AJHL.ca)